Born in Rhyl, North Wales, I’ve been fortunate to do lots of travelling and through those travels, ended up in Australia for 26 years although recently returned home to be close to family and now live in Monmouthshire.

When growing up, I was always drawing and art was my best subject at school although I didn’t pursue it as a career but I did have a passion for it and would often be drawing and doodling and then years later started to paint again.

In Australia I had got into recruitment, working in the digital industry and often working long hours but I had started to get back into painting and doing commissions for friends. It was in 2014, I thought life is too short, why not go for it so I called in at our local Balmain gallery, put three paintings into their Brave Art Exhibition and was bowled over when they sold!

I then started to exhibit in a few galleries and worked towards a solo exhibition and although really nerve racking, was thrilled with the response. I had also put some work in for a competition and was awarded a finalist and featured in the International Artist Magazine for abstract and expressionism – that was a real art buzz!

Now back in Wales, I’ve decided to become a full-time artist. I love painting and actually dream about it, not sure if that’s normal or not (insert LOL).

With my art I try to create something that is emotive. I’m fascinated in exploring textures and discovering new techniques and describe my style somewhere between impressionism, expressionism and abstract. I love experimenting and work with all mediums on lots of different substrates, big and small. Sometimes experimental is frustrating, you have a vision but getting there can be challenging but you get those magical moments too when you’ve discovered something new and fabulous!

If you’ve looked at some of my art you’ll know that I have a thing about water so I’m about to start a new series of paintings inspired by water and its many patterns; waves, streams, canals, lily ponds, anything to do with water and reflections, from below the water to reflections above.

Hope you enjoy the Art as much as I enjoy creating.

Exhibitions for 2018:
Abergavenny Food Festival 15th & 16th September
Art in Penallt – 1st & 2nd September
Abergavenny Art Festival – 29th June to 1st July
Open Art Trail, Sally’s Art Studio, Gillwern 26th to 28th May
New Year Exhibition at Oriel CRiC Gallery, Crickhowell, Wales

Open Art Competition & Exhibition at Oriel CRiC Gallery, Crickhowell, Wales – June
Oriel CRiC Gallery, Wales – March
Finding Sunshine published in Focus Magazine and used as advertisement for the annual Walking Festival

Snowdrops & Cornflowers published in Focus Magazine
Oriel CRiC Gallery, Wales – December
Llanvihangel Court, Crickhowell Night Art & Craft, Gilwern Historic Christmas Fair – December
Solo Arty Party Exhibition, Sydney – June
Crickhowell Open Gallery, Wales – June

Balmain Art & Craft Show – November
Solo Exhibition, Breathing Colours Gallery, Balmain – September
International Artist Magazine Abstract & Experimental Finalist for Waves Crashing – April/May
LOST in conjunction with Art Month, Flourish Art, Birchgrove – March
Ready Steady Go, Breathing Colours Gallery, Balmain – January

Christmas Special, Breathing Colours Gallery, Balmain – December
Balmain Art & Craft Show & published in promotional material – November
Rozelle Art Fair Auction for Charity – October
LOST in conjunction with Art Month, Flourish Art – March
Brave Art, Breathing Colours Gallery, Balmain – February

Best wishes

6 thoughts on “Artist

  1. The Sea Foam series is beautiful. Congratulations on a wonderful collection and on your new artistic ventures.

  2. Lovely work Sally. Been such a long time and so nice to rediscover you doing what you love. Good for you!! Please do spare a thought for those of still doing the digital thing! 🙂

    1. Hi Damien – lovely to hear from you and thanks so much for your comment and I am sparing you a thought 🙂 The digital thing was a very big part of my life and lots of good memories

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