The Deep Blue Ocean tryptic

The 3 Sea Sprays named the Deep Blue Ocean and my take on the beautiful powerful sea.  Created by painting many layers of inks between layers of a non-toxic type resin on beechwood.

I’ve entered these into the Crickhowell Oriel Gallery Art Competition – not sure if they will be accepted yet but if they are they’ll be on view and for sale late May through to June in the Gallery.

Each Sea Spray is 25cm x 20cm – Hope you likex

2 thoughts on “The Deep Blue Ocean tryptic

    1. Thanks Jeremy – they will be part of the Open Art Competition Exhibition end of May which runs for a month at the Oriel CRiC Gallery and then they will be for sale. They will also be available as limited edition prints individually very soon via the website (if you’re interested 😉 Thanks so much for leaving the comment

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