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SallyMills.Gallery respects and protects your privacy, and strives to protect your personal information from misuse. We do not request information unless it is relevant and necessary to the service or information we are providing you. We do not share your information with ANY other entity unless specifically warranted for service purposes and authorised by YOU or warranted by the LAW. Your password is salted and hashed.

Website Visitors

Like almost all other websites, SallyMills.Gallery collects information of non-personally-identifying type that is made available by the software or browser in use by visitors.

SallyMills.Gallery encrypts subscriber passwords so that no staff or other person can collect and use this information.

SallyMills.Gallery does not disclose your email address to anyone other than our site administrators who are signed to a compliance and non-disclosure agreement.


SallyMills.Gallery does not retain any credit card information from any financial transactions executed on this site.


SallyMills.Gallery makes every reasonable effort to protect your information, but like every other website there are no absolute guarantees. For excellent advice regarding personal privacy and managing your information securely, we recommend

This document was last updated on January 22nd 2015

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