Enchanted forest … a commission

Really enjoyed creating this.  I’ve called it Enchanted Forest as that’s what I was thinking of at the time; slightly dark and moody with sun rays breaking through the tangle of trees and plants you find in the undergrowth.

I started with an aliminium round surface with layers of inks floated in art resin, then painted in to it, then another layer of inks and resin, then created trees with varigated leaf from Gold Leaf Supplies, then added gold leaf to represent grasses, then added a blue to a layer of resin so it just floated up from the bottom … and then a final layer of resin.  And now it’s sitting happily on a wall in a lovely apartment in London 🙂

The interesting thing about painting on aliminium is it adds a back light to the art and in the right light, kind of glows.


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